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 Rural Provider Access and Affordability Stimulus Grant Program - Application is Open

March 14, 2023

The Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (the Department) is pleased to announce the application process for the Rural Provider Access and Affordability Stimulus Grant Program authorized by Senate Bill (SB) 22-200.  

See below for background information and the application process including important due dates. Rural hospitals that plan to apply must submit an intent to apply by March 24, 2023, with applications due by May 8, 2023.


The Department has released its application, seeking to offer funds to Qualified Rural Providers for their use to implement one-time initiatives to improve access and the affordability of health care in rural areas of the state. This grant program, established by SB22-200 and funded by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), Public Law 117-2 and pursuant to C.R.S. § 25.5-1-207 and 10 CCR 2505-10, Section 8.8000, provides qualified rural providers in financial need with funds to implement projects that increase affordability and projects to expand access to care in rural areas including through expanded behavioral health services, specialty care, telemedicine, replacement equipment, and facility upgrades.

The authorizing legislation provides $9.6 million in grant funds for rural hospitals to implement one-time initiatives to improve access and affordability of health care in rural areas of Colorado; however, the amount available for individual awards will not exceed $650,000 per project. 

The application has been informed by an advisory committee of diverse and expert rural Colorado stakeholders who advised the Department on all aspects of the application and related regulation including rural hospital eligibility criteria, grant application requirements, and operational structure for the grant program. 

All applicants should notify the Department of their intent to submit an application for this grant program. Submit a brief e-mail notification to [email protected] no later than March 23, 2023.

Applicants have until May 8, 2023, to submit an application. All applications must be received by the Department by this date. No applications will be accepted after the stated due date and time.

Application and Related Resources

The application requires that each submission include the following information:

  • Applicant information

  • Project summary

  • Affirmation & signature

  • Program design, scope of project, services, and goals

  • Budget narrative

  • Budget worksheet

Detailed instructions are provided in the application materials, including information regarding the evaluation criteria that will be used by reviewers when scoring each proposal. 

Note, per the implementing regulation, certain rural providers are qualified to apply for these funds without additional financial information. These providers are listed here: Rural Providers Qualified with no Additional Financial Data Needed.

For questions regarding the application, please contact: [email protected]email inbox for questions, however, please consider attending the upcoming information session to learn more about the program.




Chair Sanders, Ranking Member Cassidy Seek Information from Health Care Providers on Workforce Shortage

March 14, 2023

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, and Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-La.), ranking member of the HELP Committee, requested input from health care providers and stakeholders on the root causes of the current health care workforce shortage and potential ways to address it. Using the input they receive, the senators hope to identify bipartisan solutions that can be included in future legislation.

On February 16th, the HELP Committee held a hearing entitled “Examining Health Care Workforce Shortages: Where Do We Go From Here?” In his opening statement, Cassidy emphasized the importance of increasing educational opportunities for health care providers and other possible solutions that could help address the workforce shortage issue.

According to the American Hospital Association, the United States will face a shortage of up to 124,000 physicians by 2033, and will need to hire 200,000 nurses per year to meet demand.

Read the full request here or below.

To Health Care Stakeholders:

On February 16, 2023, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, Pensions held a hearing “Examining Health Care Workforce Shortages: Where Do We Go From Here?” The hearing aimed to understand the root causes of our current health care workforce shortages, and explore potential legislative solutions. During the hearing, we heard from the perspectives of medical and nursing colleges, a health system, and a health care economist.

Now the Committee would like to request input from all stakeholders to best understand your views on the drivers of health care workforce shortages and hear your ideas on potential solutions.

This year, we intend to identify bipartisan solutions to remedy our nation’s health care workforce shortages and develop these ideas into legislation.

Please submit your written response to [email protected] by March 20, 2023.


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Requests to observe the 2023 Annual Meeting of the ANA Membership Assembly: Due May 14

March 2, 2023

Requests to observe the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Membership Assembly taking place June 16 -17,2023, for both ANA members and non-members, are now being accepted! Requests to observe must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST, Friday, May 14, 2023. The registration fee for observers is $400.00.  This is a great opportunity to experience the Membership Assembly deliberate priorities and policies for ANA.

Due to limited space, a request to observe should be submitted only if you expect the individual to attend. A link to the online registration site will be sent to the email address provided with the request once registration opens in late March. Individuals should not proceed with plans to observe until they have received the link to the registration site.

To submit a request, click here.  

NOTE: The following information will be needed to submit a request: 

  • Full name
  • ANA membership number (if applicable)
  • Affiliation (e.g., C/SNA, IMD, other organization)
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • E-mail address

For questions, email [email protected].

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