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Call for Volunteers 2021 Conference Planning Task Force

April 6, 2021

This year's theme: Year of the Nurse: We Make the Difference

Colorado Nurses Association is seeking volunteers to participate in the event planning for the 2021 CNA Annual Conference.

The 2021 CNA Annual Conference will take place on October 1 & 2, 2021, at the Inverness Hilton Hotel, Englewood, Colorado.

As a member of the volunteer task force you will be asked to assist in describing desired learning outcome priorities and participate in the selection of speaker and poster presentations.  We anticipate you would be asked to participate in 5-6 planning meetings with regular asynchronous communications.

Nurses have had an amazing year of challenge, innovation, and persistence. Now is an opportunity to share your leadership and content expertise in assuring attendees an event that inspires and informs our colleagues.
If you are interested in participating, please email [email protected] at your earliest convenience.
Thank you.

SIG 31 is proud to present Checking our Vital signs, session #3

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Thoughts on stigma, bias and disparities experienced by those who have a substance use disorder.

April 27, at 6: 30 PM, a one-hour virtual program.
If you attended Session #1, you will get an invite with a Zoom link.
If you have not registered with SIG 31, please do at

Dana Murphy-Parker, MS, PMHNP-NP, CARN-AP, FIAAN is a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and lives and works in Grand Junction, Colorado. Following 19 years of working in nursing education, Dana is now practicing in an outpatient clinic where she works with patients who have substance use disorders, and she is a MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) provider. Dana has long been active with the International Nurses Society on Addictions (IntNSA) and was President of IntNSA from 2014-2016. Currently, Dana is the President of the FIAANs (Fellows of The International Academy of Addictions Nursing), and this past October, Dana was re-elected as President-Elect of IntNSA. Dana is the only IntNSA member who has been elected twice to serve in the role of President of IntNSA, and she will take on this role again in October 2022.


Zipporah Parks Hammond

Make it Right. Let’s get CU Nursing’s first Black graduate inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame. After five tries, it’s about time. Discover more about Zippy and why she deserves it.

Click HERE to sign the petition 

Our best-known American heroes are made of lesser stuff.  Most people have never heard of Zipporah Parks Hammond because she was a woman and Black. Yet, in her lifetime she blazed trails in the fields of education and healthcare, courageously fought for the elderly and mentally ill, preserved the history of Black people in Denver, and nurtured children paralyzed by polio shunned by others because of their skin color.

Zipporah lived in a time when Blacks and whites did not mingle, and segregation was the norm. And still she found ways to open doors for historically oppressed communities, elevate the status of all women, and make significant contributions to her community and society with class and grace.

Prejudice must be removed and all people in need given equal assistance. About the only way to receive this treatment will be to have well-trained, conscientious Negro workers who will demand fairness for our people. - Zipporah Parks

In 1941, she was accepted into the University of Colorado School of Nursing, the only Black student in a class of 30. Many of her classmates were prejudiced. She couldn’t live on campus, study with white students or get hands-on learning. And because of the color of her skin, some didn’t think she had the mental capacity to learn. But learn she did. In 1946, Zipporah Parks became the university’s first Black nursing school graduate.

Zipporah had vision – a dream of accomplishing something that no other African American woman before her in the history of Colorado had done: to be admitted to and successfully graduate from the nursing program at C.U. In spite of much skepticism from all quarters, she succeeded with aplomb. She fearlessly challenged the status quo and refused to allow the color of her skin to confine her to arbitrary and limited choices routinely conscribed to women of color during her time. - Resource room educator Karen Pauley

When nurses were desperately needed in World War II, Zipporah joined the Cadet Nurse Corps where she was the only Black nurse out of 1600 student nurses.

Read more HERE


Emotional and Mental Health in Older Adults Spring 2021 Webinar Series

The CU Anschutz Multidisciplinary Center on Aging and the UCCS Aging Center are thrilled to invite you to the Emotional and Mental Health Wellness for Older Adults Spring 2021 webinar series.  We saw a need from our fall/winter webinar series to continue these discussions and provide more education around this topic.  There is a great desire to learn more about strategies and to share resources for Mental and Emotional Well-being for Older adultsso we have outlined programming through Fall 2022.  You will find the program themes listed below.  

Please register for the upcoming Spring 2021 Sessions, which begin next week at:


We ask that you please distribute this flyer with your networks of friends and colleagues so we can help spread the word about this very valuable educational opportunity beginning April 15th.   Thank you and we look forward to seeing all of you later this month!


Requests to Observe Virtual ANA Membership Assembly Due May 14

April 6, 20201

Requests to observe the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting of the ANA Membership Assembly, for both ANA members and non-members, are now being accepted! Requests must be submitted by 11:59 pm ET, Friday, May 14, 2021.

To submit a request, click on the link: Membership Assembly Observer Request Form.  NOTE: The following information will be needed to submit a request:

  • Full name
  • ANA membership number (if applicable)
  • Affiliation (e.g., C/SNA, IMD, other organization)
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • E-mail address

A request to observe should be submitted only if you expect the individual to attend. ANA will confirm that the request has been received by sending a link to the online registration site. Click here to view the preliminary schedule.

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